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Queer Nature Photography Awards

Amsterdam, 2024


Why the queer nature photography awards?

Nature is queer, but many people do not know this. That's a shame because by spreading this knowledge people can better understand that 'being queer' is natural and this (bio)diversity should be celebrated.


Queer nature and animal stories have the potential to:

  • Contribute to the self-acceptance of queers

  • Contribute to the acceptance of queers by non-queers

  • Reach new targets groups and involve them more in stopping the current extinction wave by combining queer nature stories with the state of nature. 

The Queer Nature Photography Awards gives a stage to our colourful world and offers a fresh perspective on queer topics.

What others say:

"Long overdue, these awards are a great way to make wildlife photography more inclusive and to fully honor the wonders of nature!"

Melissa Groo

Wildlife and Conservation Photographer

See her work here.

Empowering Queer Ecology

‘’An image speaks louder than a thousands words.’’ However the topic of queer ecology and queer animals has long been underrepresented. Making content about queer animals and nature scarce.


The queer animal photography awards hold the potential to celebrate queerness in nature whilst creating more content that can help in raising the awareness around queer nature.

Our Awards Criteria 

A jury of 3-4 with varying backgrounds (from biology to antropology to photography), will score your pictures based on three criteria:

  • Power of the Image (visual and aesthetic appeal);

  • Story (mood; emotion; relevance; subject; impact): how does this relate to the queer community?,  and;

  • General characteristic (originality; style; context; photographic vision)

We ask you  to send in your pictures with a paragraph that tells the story of the picture (relevance; subject; impact). What do we see? And how does this relate to the queer community? 

It is up to your own interpretation and that of the jury to judge what that means to them and how it resonates. The link with the rainbow community can vary from Eg. different genders in Fungi to a lesbian couple, etc. Your pictures have to be of good quality for print and publishing.


When participating in the award you agree that this image can be used by the Narwhal Rainbow Alliance and her partners in the promotion and aftermath of the award - always with full credentials to the creators.

Disclaimer: A biologist will do a small check on certain claims (eg. gender

of dimorphic animals), it will however be challenging to validate certain claims. The Narwhal Rainbow Alliance holds the right to withdraw the award if any false claims were made by the photographer that could have been foreseen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nature? 

Nature is a broad term that encompasses everything in the physical universe that is not created or significantly altered by human beings. It includes the earth, its landscapes, flora, fauna, atmosphere, and all natural phenomena. Nature encompasses the entire spectrum of life, from microscopic organisms to vast ecosystems, and it operates according to natural laws and processes. It's both the source of life and inspiration for many, embodying beauty, diversity, and balance. For this edition we focus on non-human nature although we want the impact of these images go into human lives. For a competition focussing on human queer identities we can suggest to check out the Pride Photo Competition. 

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